Third Presidential Debate Of 2016: Watch Full Video Replay

. October 20, 2016

third presidential debate of 2016

The third presidential debate of the 2016 election season took place last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rose to the occasion and went at it as hard as possible. However, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace was the clear winner Wednesday evening, the moderator asked substantive questions and kept the two candidates on their toes.

Clinton had a very strong performance; some critics even stated that it was her best debate this year. Trump also did a decent job, but failed to land the knockout punch that he needed to change the trajectory of the race. He went into the debate being behind in the polls, and his showing was not good enough to move things in his direction.

Moreover, the New York billionaire made a couple of mistakes that might haunt him until November 8. The first error was to call his opponent a “nasty woman,” he then labeled some Mexican immigrants as “bad hombres.” Some of his supporters say the term was popular in the 1950s, but most Latino groups found it to be quite offensive and demeaning.

However, the mishap that did the most damage to Mr. Trump’s chances is his refusal to accept the results of Election Day. The Republican claims that the process is “rigged” and he is not sure he will accept the verdict. Some experts say that it was an unprecedented move in American politics. The remark grabbed headlines in every corner of the media complex. Even his fans like Laura Ingraham took to social media to acknowledge the unforced error.

In conclusion, Trump was more in control than at the first debate and also less aggressive than at the second one. Without the mistakes, he would have made a stronger case for his presidential ambitions. On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton played it safe, but was more energetic than during their last encounter. The former secretary of state also showed a softer side compared to what she did at the first debate.

You can watch the full replay of the debate below; all the major networks covered it at 9 PM ET.


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